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July 17,2016
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July 17,2016
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June 19,2016
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“Politicians and actors have some things in common” reflects Joel Kinnaman as we chat via webcam (watch above) about his role as a governor running for president on the Netflix drama series “House of Cards.” As he explains, “Actors come from a genuine place and exploit it for different roles and situations. If it’s a memory like about someone who died, it can almost feel foul when you use it to take it to an emotional place. Politicians come from a genuine place as well of believing things. Then they exploit that and run the risk of muddling their moral compass.”

Kinnaman joined the fourth season of this Emmy-winning series to play Will Conway, the Republican opponent of President Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey). He vividly recalls the scene where these political titans face each other for the first time. “When Will came to the Democratic convention, he and Frank ended up in a room together. It was a 15-minute scene. I’m originally a theatre actor and Kevin is closely connected to the stage, so it felt like a play.” And, he notes, “You don’t always get that in TV. To play a one on one scene like that with one the top three or five actors in the world was a lot of fun.”

The actor describes in detail what that scene revealed about their characters. “It’s the first time they see each other. They realize, even though on the outside they are very different, that at the core they are quite similar animals.” For him, “this meant there is some appreciation and admiration for each other, that they both were big enough to show. They are political predators where power is the end game. This whole political theatre is a means to an end. It’s all about getting that power.”

As to whether his character is as evil as Frank, Kinnaman says “he has the capacity but the fact that Will has kids may soften him up a bit.” However, he is quick to point out “any kind of riskiness, pales in comparison to the madness that is going on now with America’s Berlusconi. It’s so terrifying. Let us do the entertainment.”

April 19,2016

COMICBOOK.COM – When the Suicide Squad comes around, they will, believe it or not, have a leader. That leader is Rick Flag and he’ll be brought to life on the big screen by Joel Kinnaman.

Flag is tasked with rallying the group of anti-hero misfit criminals as they chase down the Joker (and apparently a more powerful villain, based on the trailers) on a thankless mission. Last week, ComicBook.com had the chance to catch up with Kinnaman on the red carpet for Warner Brothers’ CinemaCon presentation in Las Vegas and hear all about the film.

“We had a ball on this movie,” Kinnaman started. “It really was just, from the get go, we all just got along and David Ayer, the director, he did this atmosphere and these challenges that we sort of had to overcome together. It was a lovefest the whole five months. It was tough but it was lovefest.”

“There’s just so much going on in this movie,” Kinnaman goes on. “It’s just so rich. This movie has like 8, 9, 10 characters that all have a lot of contrast and different sides and all get their moment and everybody playing them feels really committed to it. A lot seriousness, emotional depth, but then a lot fun and humor in this film. There’s a ton of stuff I look forward to seeing.”

While we didn’t get a chance to get inside the head of Rick Flag, we did hear Kinnaman’s thoughts about Jared Leto’s Joker. “The rest of the squad, we became a family. Jared [Leto], he was on the outside doing his thing. He did something really impressive with this role. He had some big shoes to fill and he sure as hell filled them.”

As for whether or not Suicide Squad will set up sequels or other films in the DC Films universe, Kinnaman simply says, “We’ll see.”

Suicide Squad hits theaters August 5.

April 19,2016

COLLIDER.COM – Just before the Warner Bros. presentation at CinemaCon, the studio trotted out a massive number of stars on its red carpet, including the entire cast of Suicide Squad. Collider’s own Steve Weintraub was onhand and able to snag interviews with a number of those present, including Will Smith and director David Ayer, but the most enjoyable conversation came from the very lively duo of Jai Courtney and Joel Kinnaman.

The conversation veered off into a number of directions, from on-set camaraderie to Jared Leto’s eccentric gifts, but Courtney started out by addressing the reshoot rumors:

“We went and just jammed some crazy new action shit. I wish I could tell you more about that, I can’t, but that’s all we’re up to.”

While he was tight-lipped about the additional footage, Courtney and Kinnaman both had high praise for their director, David Ayer, and his process:

KINNAMAN: He pushes everybody in their own direction. I mean he’s really involved when it comes to character development, maybe more than any director I’ve ever worked with before. It’s almost like going back to theater school in some ways. And he has this whole infrastructure around that, he’s like picked up these people throughout his life. You got this guy Jamie, this L.A. cop for 26 years…

COURTNEY: It’s like a clique that roll with David that are all a part of achieving the authenticity that he strives for within his films. They’re wonderful people to interact with, and what’s great is you get all this value out of that, and it’ll teach you so much about what you’re trying to achieve yourself, but it’s not necessarily something you could’ve found on your own. It’s a wonderful gift, and it has a lot to do with why we all enjoy working with him so much.

And while the cast clearly ended up bonding well, Kinnaman admitted that initially he didn’t think he and Courtney were going to get along:

“I honestly thought that me and Jai were gonna have a rough time on the movie. The first time we had a read-through, he was just like eyeballing me the whole [time], and I was like, ‘Ugh this guy is gonna wanna fight me, he’s much bigger than me, this is gonna be rough.’ And then when we walked out, he jumped on my back and was riding my back, and then he goes, ‘We’re gonna get along just fine you and me!’”

Finally, Steve asked about the level of action that fans can expect in the movie, and Courtney teased that each character’s skill-set will be fully realized:

“You’re also dealing with people who aren’t necessarily superheroes but might be metahuman or even humans with just incredibly acute skills, and that feeds into it. When you’ve got a guy that can shoot and hit a target or a bull’s-eye at every opportunity that he takes, that’s a wonderful opportunity to build that into his action. That’s sort of across the board.”

Suicide Squad opens in theaters on August 5th.

April 19,2016
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February 13,2016
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Frank and Claire continue their pursuit for power, battling everyone in their way, including each other.

January 20,2016
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July 13,2015
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March 14,2015
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