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March 26,2012
Melanie Jo   /   0 Comments   •   Headlines & Rumors The Killing

“The patient viewer will be rewarded,” Joel Kinnaman tells Zap2It about the return of his extremely popular, albeit scrutinized crime drama, “The Killing.” The actor, who plays Detective Holder on the AMC series and is also set to star in the of upcoming film remake of “Robocop”, sat down with us Monday (March 26), electronic cigarette in hand, and explained his theories on last season’s somewhat botched finale marketing and what we can expect with the Season Two premiere on April 1.

“Of course, you’re following a whodunit and you were promised a resolution… I understand why people got pissed,” says Kinnaman. “I understand why it was a marketing failure,” says the Swedish-American actor. “Nobody expected it to be this strong of a reaction, but that’s a testament to how much people were engaged. They fell for the storytelling and the characters and I think that’s why they will come back. I think the biggest mistake is the mismanaged expectations, but the story line was always supposed to take place over two seasons.”

Kinnaman says the writing has greatly improved on the second round of the detective drama, and while some have questioned how the season will maintain suspense since we know the killer will be revealed at the end, Kinnaman says not to worry. Yes, they will track down the guilty party, but not without a few twists.
“We’re gonna go on wrong turns and suspect people that aren’t… There are suspects that come in and go away, but it all ties together really beautifully,” he remarks.

The role of Holder has been an intriguing part to follow, not only for fans of the show, but also for Kinnaman, who went to Narcotics Anonymous meetings under the guise of an addict to prepare for the part. The actor observes he was most impressed by the vulnerability of his real-life parallels, and that he learned about the beauty in a tragic flaw.

“While I was there I was actually feeling like, ‘Damn, I wish I was an alcoholic too,’ because it really is a beautiful place,” says Kinnaman. “It’s cool to be vulnerable. Sometimes, I would go with a friend who was a regular at AA, and someone would speak and I would be moved to tears. We’d get out, and my friend would be like, ‘That guy was full of s***.’…But it’s a place where you can be vulnerable and it’s appreciated.”

In fact, for the rising star, understanding the defects of his character has been the most compelling part of the job, from Holder’s battles with addiction and his fragile personality to his complete social awkwardness. In light of the dark spin at the end of Season 1, Kinnaman says viewers can anticipate even greater revelations coming up as Holder’s character is further explored. [xx]

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