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July 29,2013
Melanie Jo   /   0 Comments   •   Headlines & Rumors The Killing

It’s killing me to watch “The Killing” … but in the best way possible.

These final weeks of what’s arguably the drama’s strongest season — about a serial murderer targeting young runaways — have sent me regularly to the edge of my seat, wildly impatient for more. But that’s not the half of it. Each hour has been so packed with chilling emotion that I’ve felt myself trembling long after it was over.

Last week, we learned of the shocking murder of Bullet (portrayed beautifully by Bex Taylor-Klaus), the tough, tomboyish runaway with the gentle center who had been taken under the wing of Detective Holder (Joel Kinnaman). After all, he, too, was once a damaged kid of the streets and could personally relate.

Just as Holder was left crushed and inconsolable by Bullet’s death, so was the viewer.

The episode also brought us face to face with contemptible sociopath Joe Mills, the man who looks to be not only Bullet’s killer, but the molester and murderer of a string of other young girls. In a police interrogation room, we watched Mills being confronted by his former girlfriend and the mother of a still-missing girl.

Though he didn’t cop to the killings, he did confess — with a sickening show of pride — his sexual involvement with the underage victims: “Those little girls — they came to me. It’s not wrong. It’s nature. Can’t be helped. They look at me with that ache … that sweet, sweet ache. I was gentle and I took care of them. I made it go away.”

All this was enough to twist your insides and leave them disturbed for hours.

As intense as that episode was, it may not quite equal this week’s installment, “Six Minutes” (8 p.m. Sunday on AMC).

The hour, which precedes next week’s season finale, focuses on another affecting chapter of “The Killing’s” intricate story — that of condemned man Ray Seward (Peter Saarsgard), who is just 12 hours away from his execution by hanging for the murder of his wife. He gets one last hope of a stay — thanks to a ring found among what’s believed to be Mills’ killing trophies, which he identifies as his dead wife’s wedding band. Detective Sarah Linden (Mireille Enos) does her best to engineer the reprieve by meeting with Seward and obtaining as many details about the ring as possible.

Whether or not she succeeds is not for me to reveal. Suffice it to say that the episode, which primarily belongs to Seward and Linden and the two amazing actors who play them, is one of TV’s finest as well as most painful.

“The Killing,” which came under attack by many when the finale of the first season neglected to tie up the murder of Rosie Larsen, has more than redeemed itself with this brilliantly crafted heartache of a season.

It not only has delivered a compelling and impeccably acted murder tale, but also hauntingly effective portraits of some of society’s tragically forgotten — from the people on Death Row who may be innocent to all those neglected kids who end up prey to the street’s many dangers. The latter, in particular, have been fleshed out so poignantly by the drama’s talented young cast that it’s hard not to feel personally affected by their plights.

If you’ve missed this incredible season, which stands largely on its own apart from the first two seasons, you can access it soon on Netflix. Thanks to a deal between the online streaming service and “The Killing’s” producer (Fox Television Studios), Season 3 will stream it in its entirety three months after the Aug. 4 finale.

– source: mysanantonio.com

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