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April 02,2012
Melanie Jo   /   0 Comments   •   Headlines & Rumors The Killing

Hope you have your galoshes and raincoat ready because the The Killing premiered on AMC with some big shockers. We’ll get one of the biggest out of the way: Yes, it rained.

But seriously, tonight’s two-hour premiere brought real drama and suspense including a death we never saw coming. We know some of you were left frustrated with AMC’s moody season one finale that raised more questions than it gave answers. However, this is a brand-new season and the bosses promise Rosie Larsen killer’s head delivered to you on a silver platter. Maybe they didn’t use those exact words but they do promise the killer will be revealed at the end of this season.

What new secrets came to light in the season premiere? And whose death shocked the Nicorette right out of us? Find out now! And just a reminder, lots of spoilers ahead:


Not Leaving On a Jet Plane: Did you really think Sarah Linden (Mireille Enos) would finally leave Seattle and head to the Golden State? Not a chance. Although we do feel a little badly for her emo son who has had enough of eating from vending machines. It’s called pizza delivery, try it. Between dodging calls from Holder (Joel Kinnaman), Linden did some special investigating of her own. She looked into those broken traffic cams, tried to figure out why her partner was transfer to homicide and who this shady Lt. Gil Sloane is. And on top of all that she figures out where Richmond really was on the night of Rosie’s murder.

Sad Shocker: OK we probably shouldn’t feel sorry for someone who killed his “moms” and tried to kill Darren Richmond. And Belko Royce (Brendan Sexton III) did help beat up the teacher and was super creepy about Rosie, but he’s so incredibly messed up that it’s sad. It’s even sadder that while he is holding a cop at gunpoint, he’s begging to go home. His death was not something we were expecting in the premiere.

Good News, Bad News: Darren Richmond (Billy Campbell) has had a really hard time of it recently. The good news is he survived the shooting attempt on his life. Barely. The bad news is he is paralyzed from the waist down. More good news is that he actually does have an alibi from the night of Rosie’s murder: he was trying to commit suicide! Bummer. But there is more good news while he recovers in the hospital filled with the meanest doctors: the murder charges against him have been dropped.

Never Get Sick in Seattle: The bedside manner of the doctors at this Seattle hospital is so horrible it needed its own section. While we’d probably never want to be treated by the Grey’s Anatomy doctors at least they might tell us about our paralyzing injury rather than let us figure it out for ourselves. Stay classy, Seattle hospital. It’s actually a miracle that Richmond woke up.

Badge Consequences: One of the more interesting, and at times morally corrupt, characters is Linden’s partner Holder. We refuse to believe that he is a full-on villain, but switching Rosie’s backpack for his own proves how much he needs Linden on his side. It was quite scary-slash-moving when he finally realized how much he screwed up and begs Linden to talk to him, but is left out in the cold. We would rather blame it all on new shady character Lt. Gil Sloane, the man pulling lots of strings.

Vigilante Justice: Stan Larsen (Brent Sexton) is just too awesome to be contained. It’s only taken him two weeks in TV time to grow jaded by the Seattle justice system. It didn’t go so well when he beat down that innocent teacher, but he’s ready to protect his family for real this time, by putting a hit on Rosie’s killer. Can the mob find Rosie’s killer before Linden does?


    “You think you got this job because you’re a good cop? You got it because you’re dirty and everyone knows it.” —Lt. Gil Sloane

    “Do you have any idea what a suicide attempt does to a political campaign?” —Darren Richmond

    “If I had known you were coming as Deep Throat I would have worn my trench coat.” —Christina

    “That’s the surgeon. Why is he going to the OR? He was already there. Maybe he found his Maserati keys in a patient’s small bowel.” —Jamie [xx]

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