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August 20,2013
Melanie Jo   /   0 Comments   •   Headlines & Rumors

The Newsroom’s unapologetically sexy star—and the subject of our new column by The Coveteur, premiering in ELLE’s September issue—talks about domestic life with Joel Kinnaman, Hollywood’s double standard, and getting Channing all over her Tatum.

As Sloan Sabbath on HBO’s The Newsroom, Olivia Munn occupies a noteworthy intersection: She’s fictional news channel ACN’s “money skirt,” according to her sometimes misogynistic boss Charlie (Sam Waterston), and she’s also the haughty brains of the operation. Though it seems like celluloid bombshells are always equipped with a flaw—in this case, Sloan is palm-sweatingly awkward—in real life, 33-year-old Munn is far more self-assured. Though you’ll have to pick up our September issue to catch The Coveteur’s exclusive peek inside the sunny Los Angeles home she shares with The Killing’s Joel Kinnaman—and her closet full of Current/Elliott denim, Wildfox tees, Giambattista Valli heels, and vintage Coach bags—we recently caught up with a windswept Munn to discuss the perils of being a real-life sex icon (you know, the kind that doesn’t always have a Sorkin-prepared retort in her back pocket).

ELLE: Before we get into the serious stuff, we hear that you live with your boyfriend, the ridiculously good-looking Joel Kinnaman. Is he a good roommate? Olivia Munn: Well, you live with your fiancé, right?

ELLE: Yes.

OM: Well then you know this conversation: I’ll say, ‘You know, we’ve got to clean this up, right?’ And he’ll go, ‘Yeah, I know. It’ll get done.’ And I’m thinking ‘What exactly do you mean by it’ll get done? What you really mean is it will get done by me, tomorrow, by myself. [Laughs] It’s really too bad there aren’t little magical leprechauns that run in and clean it up.

– source: elle.com

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