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August 23,2012

“Easy Money II” aktuelle Joel Kinnaman took a break from Hollywood movie snack with MovieZine.

“Fast Cash” was really a ticket straight to the dream factory. Three years ago no one knew his name – next summer lit up the big screen worldwide when Joel Kinnaman enters into the role of RoboCop. But before that, he focused on JW’s continuing story, brat guy from “Fast Cash” that ended up in bad company and should be further down in the muck of the bioaktuella sequel.

We took a coffee with Joel on hotels Anglais to talk about happy endings, remakes and his audition for “Thor”.

You have managed to do something so unusual as to make a sequel that hit number one. What is the secret behind it?
– It’s great that you like it. I’m very proud of the first movie as well of course. Anyone who has been involved in these films has been two years to mature and strengthen their self-confidence. All we have taken new steps, and then we have a great director in Babak Najafi makes an incredibly good job.

It was a character-driven film with great performances.
– It has been a hallmark of both films: it will not insert any acidic replicas. Every role is perfectly executed, I think. It also means it’s good mowing and so, but the main characters is an incredibly steady level. Different people connectar with different characters. You often hear stories that affect some more, in the first movie, I know that all dads felt it was incredibly hard to Mrados relationship with her daughter, it was something that grabbed them. It is a sensitive portrait of society back.

What drives your character JW in this movie?
– He has hope. Then it will be to desperation and despair. From the beginning, it’s that he has not given up somewhere. I find it interesting with JW also in this movie, even if he does not go against any brighter way he starts getting closer to himself. It is what he has been so disconnected from, and constantly adopting new personas with everyone he meets. Now he begins to get closer to the person he actually is. Although the person may not develop into such a positive person.

Is he still a good guy, deep down?
– Yes … I think so. But he has done many things that have made it more difficult. It is the result of their actions.

Is there a happy ending in this world? Can anything end well for JW?
– I think so. Since everything is relative, but it’s never too late to find a way that can be more positive. JW has many tools to get out of this kind of world. He has a social skill for a lot of different parts of society, which is an incredible asset. He is extremely intelligent, and understands the financial world. He can definitely get where he wants. But then I do not know if there is any hope for his soul. When you have started to kill people, I think it can be very difficult to come back. I have met some people who I know have killed people. There’s something dead in their eyes. Some may be able to get through it, it does not penetrate further, but I think it is difficult. Something is lost.

What can you tell me about “Fast Cash III”?
– It is in pre-production. But it will not be a conventional recording session. They start filming in the fall. It’s a hell of a puzzle with everyone’s times and different commitment. Other film is a direct sequel to the first film, while the second book is more a stand-alone sequel to the first book. But the third film, it gets much closer to the third book. There is also Jens Lapidus more back to JW’s history. He is the central figure in the third book, but he’s there, he was not even in the second book. So the third movie’s script is based more on the third book. Previous films have almost played out in some sort of parallel universe to the books. I think that the third will go more back to the book.

Once you step into a different role, namely “RoboCop”. When it is time for it?
– I’m starting to scratch at the end of August, then we start playing in 15 september. I’ve tried the suit … But dared not even take a picture myself, what if you lose the phone? That is so darn sensitive. We have tested the suit on several different occasions, it is a long process, that. We have shown that for all toy manufacturers and it looks damn cool. It will be damn good.

What do you think of the original?
– I love the original, I’ve seen it maybe 15-20 times. There are several remakes now at Verhoeven films. He has a very special tone itself, it’s over-the-top and very violent. I’m not a superfan of remakes really, but this is another very strong and good director who makes it here. When I first heard that there would be a new “RoboCop” was not something I was interested at all to join in. I thought that I will surely watch maybe. But when I found out that it’s José Padilha who will do it, then it became something else entirely. And he has a whole new angle on this. There is an element of satire, but it is not at all the same as Verhoeven does. It will be much more “gritty”.

Remakes usually the most stand little skeptical.
– In the theater we play on our favorite stories over and over again. Our generation is perhaps not so much in the theater, but there is something natural that we as people talk about our favorite stories. Then there is of course a commercial interest, they work well because people know the brand and know what it is.

How many “RoboCop” films have you signed up?
– Three. But these kinds of big movies planned to be a franchise. Becomes the first a success, they have guaranteed that the runner goes well. Yes, if it does not get shitty.

You have sampled filmed for “Thor” also, have you had action roles in sight?
– It was actually the first audition I did for an American project. It did here Sweden, before I moved over. Since it is a Nordic figure they sought worldwide. I just sent a tape and then it came on pretty far. It felt like it was close, I was one of the five who came the furthest, it was written. But there is much to whether to get the part.

How does a place like casting tape out? If you stand there with blonde wig and a hammer?
– Haha, and Buttericks-robe in plastic? I borrowed all those things from Fares Fares (laughs). It was with a camera phone, I was in and of itself stands on it. I’ve gotten better at it now, trying to get it to look as stylish as possible. It can definitely be good to use props, such as pistol or rifle. Anything that makes it feel better. Otherwise, you should try to keep it as neutral as possible. You do not want the focus to be on the wrong stuff. Just add it gives nothing. I försöke usually dress as I think that a character dress, except if there is a god … Then it was just neutral clothing.

Joel Kinnaman on …
Lola Versus (on DVD Nov. 14)
– It was a lighthearted story and recording. Fun to be five weeks in New York, and working with Greta Gerwig. She is an odd person. I have not spent so much time in romkomgenren so it was quite nice, not having to bury themselves in anxious situations. It passed quickly away. I’m not getting as much out of it, but it was still fun.

Johan Falk – Codename Lisa (in cinemas February 8)
– It is the last in the series, that’s when the resolution is the story of Frank Wagner. Much of what drew me to the project from the beginning, it happens in the movie. If it gets a happy ending? There, you’ll see … (Laughter)

Arthur & Lancelot
– I had started working on it, ridträning and fencing. Lancelot was also a damn good role. I saw that his courage must come from a death wish, he is a bit suicidal. I felt that I had something going on. But the project is completely dead now. Then I got “RoboCop” instead, and can say it was a couple of notches up.

Source: MovieZine, translated with Google translator

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