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October 04,2011
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LONDON. He fights for Hollywood roles with his ​​friend Alexander Skarsgard and is now looking for his film career in the U.S. But when Sweden calls, Joel Kinnaman will. Maybe. – When there is something really special in Sweden, what I would like to be with. But now they may nag for six months.

It’s the middle of the night at the mall North Town and the final scene of what will be the next feature film about John Falk and his task force, to be recorded. Jakob Eklund is getting ready to shoot the head of “Russian number one” and Joel Kinnaman gets some new blood painted on the neck. The 31-year-old actor-player grabs a young assistant from the series who is on the way out: – Nicotine, two milligrams! A few hours earlier, I have half an hour with the returning star in a hotel lobby in Gothenburg.

“Karaktärer mogno”
I think. Press contact that has raked in the interview looks stretched out when he says that Joel just wants to talk one quarter hour, and it must be when he eats. Hollywood manners, I think and sit down at the pink-fried steak.

What is it like to be back as Frank Wagner, we’ve just gotten used to you is Stephen Holder of “The Killing”?

– It’s fun to take a break with characters and get back to them. Characters ripen when you put them on the shelf for a while. It’s like with a good book, you can find new things when you read about it, said Joel Kinnaman, but turned down a continuation of John Falk first, in the next six films, he is only in two, then it is about a few scenes.

“A question of loyalty”
– I humbly said no thanks to a second season. Not that it was not interesting in any way, Frank is truly one of my favorite characters. We talked back and forth for six months. – But Joakim Hansson (producer) has supported me ever since the beginning of my career, so it was a question of loyalty, says the Stockholmer.

“It was pretty damn funny”
Because, really, he has no time. The guy who broke through broad as JW in “fast cash” has now Hollywood career to consider. In addition to the TV series “The Killing”, which has rolled on TV4 this summer, Kinnaman has this year played In “Dark House” with Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds, and the romantic comedy “Lola Versus’ who got himself in love with New York.

– It was pretty damn fun. I’ve been psyched on staying in New York a long time and now I’m going there in October and check out apartment. I think that New York will be my base. But even if I have a base I’ll just be there about eight weeks a year.

– What is so much better to shoot in the U.S.? – There are more resources, bigger productions. You become a little more care (do not have journalists in the food?). Are you on a shooting location, you always have a place to be. – It is smågrejer which still makes it a little easier to concentrate.

“Otroligt smickrad”
– On the other hand, there are more producers who are with and think than in Sweden. If you want to change something where everything has taken another turn, it can become a bit tedious.

Frank Holder, JW, it feels like you’ve got a bit of infiltrators slot?

– Yes, but it’s quite fun, as an actor end up in the chameleon-slot is an advantage, roles that play different roles in their daily lives. It is among the best role you can get, I’m incredibly flattered, he says, and admits he probably has a slight advantage compared to other European actors. Having grown up with a father who is an American means that he will not play a Pole and a German camp guard. – Of the five things I have done in the U.S. so far are three of the roles of Americans. It’s fun to have got into it so well. The “safe house” for example, I am a guy with a Texas accent.

“Fullt av porrfilmer”
And he is all too familiar with Texas. When Joel Kinnaman was at his most troubled youth, his parents sent him as an exchange student to the U.S., to a family outside of Austin, Texas. – I ended up with a hosts named Terry and Tina Turner. They talked baby talk to each other and had eleven dogs that lived in the house. – Other days when I got there, Tina Turner asked: Joel, do you want to watch a movie? We have a whole cupboard full of movies, says the actor who was dying when he opened the cupboard. – I wish it had been full of porn videos that would have been more normal, but it was full of cartoons. – Two fifty year olds with an entire cupboard full of cartoons …. lunatics. Sounds like you have a better experience there now? – You could say that, haha.

First audition
Speaking of signed, it is true that you were considered for superhero movie “Thor”?

– Yes, it was actually the first audition I did for an American project. I submitted a tape and it was the only thing I did. One day, my sister called and said it was about me in The Guardian.

– Someone had leaked that the role was between five actors. And one of the other was Alexander Skarsgård? – Yes, if I were to try to think of any actor who would play Thor, Alex is perfect, much more than myself. I would play Thor very remote, said Joel Kinnaman who knows the Skarsgards privately, mostly Gustaf. – Me and Gustaf are best friends. We have known each other since we were 13, but I know their whole family. Is there a chance that you and Alexander are competing for roles in the U.S.? – Yes, but me and Alex are up for the same stuff all the time and so it was with me and “Gurra” here at home as well. But if you start thinking like that, it is really way off. There are so many types of projects, I do not think for a second there. until he steal your dream role in front of you … – Haha, but it will not happen, söddu, said Joel Kinnaman, smiling so confidently that steak on the plate blushes even more.

Gick ner kilo Tolva
I ask if he needs slimming down prior to the sequel of “Fast Cash”. Before the first movie as JW in Jens Lapidus selling novel, Kinnaman was down twelve kilos. – On the contrary. Now the JW had been in prison for three years and has built himself up. I went up six to seven kilograms in the epilogue of the first movie and now we take in there somewhere, he says, and goes on to say that for the sake of it, it requires no actor’s talent to lose weight on order. It’s just that stop eating carbohydrates, salt, sugar, fruit and tomatoes(!). Kinnaman will remain in Sweden until October-November, then waiting for a new season of “The Killing” in the U.S., plus three other projects which are in the balance. – Now I am looking for my film. My next film in the U.S., I would like to be me, as I headliner. – It does not matter if it’s a great movie or short film or independent. – But I’d rather play a transsexual bank robber than a superhero, says Kinnaman and stands up, pulls hood over his head and throw in the wine.

One last question only: What is it like growing up with five sisters? – You get pampered and have an extreme advantage for all women in the world. How? – I know all your tricks, says Joel and laughs. Does he think, yes. I look at the clock. The promised fifteen minutes became 34 minutes.

Joel Kinnaman on …

… sister Melinda who makes a success at the Royal Dramatic Theatre:
“It is great fun. Melinda is a big part in that I was skådespelare. Visst I long to go back to the theater, to the process, to scratch together. One day I want to play “Long Day’s Journey into Night” at the Royal Dramatic Theatre. But I would not be surprised if next time I stand on stage will be in New York “. …

Daniel Espinosa Hollywood premiere “Safe House”: “Daniel was really the captain of his ship, in an impressive way to make his debut. I have a fairly small role, but it is an important part in the end, so it was still challenging the occupation. It is a fight scene that I had the chance to scratch in two weeks. In Sweden they had done it in a day, for it costs money “.

… making stunts himself: “I try to do most things as long as it is not foolhardy. It’s not a macho thing, with one hand, it is fun if it’s a little scary, then you get an adrenaline rush, and it will be more intensity in the sequences. I’ve done stuff that is not entirely risk-free “.

Name: Charles Kinnaman Joel Nordström Born: November 25, 1979 in Stockholm Family : Mother, father and five sisters (one of whom is actress Melinda Kinnaman). Single. Lives: In the suitcase, looking for accommodation in New York. Reads: “Siege” of weaker Hassan Loo Sattarvandi. Looking for: “Breaking Bad.” Listening to: Dancehall. Dreams of: The Future.


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