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August 23,2012

Fashion, he has sights set on Hollywood’s elite. And he is well on his way. Following the success of the TV series The Killing plays Joel Kinnaman are now starring in the sci-fi roller Robocop.

DV had an intimate interview with one of Sweden’s hottest actors. Here he talks about life in America, the future and reveals some details about his love life…

Joel Kinnaman is certainly Sweden’s hottest actor. But his career almost came to an end even before it had begun. He just collapsed. Weak and wounded. Just as he would be the operator who took the stage. When he would prove himself before the eyes that were set to rate him.

– I went to Stage School in Malmö and I had a blackout. I would do a scene in four minutes and everything was gone. I did not get a word out of me. It was among the most shit I have ever experienced.

It was not the first time. But the first time before a judging audience had that job to decide his future. Whether he was good or not. It had previously happened in private.

– Like when I would tell funny stories to friends. Suddenly I lost confidence and fell to the abysmal level that I did not get a word out of me. I mean, in the midst of a funny story it occurred to. It was incredibly uncomfortable.

When it happened on the Stage School in Malmö, he drew a painful conclusion.

– I can not continue with acting. It felt so, I was ready to give it up.

Fully understandable. A man who becomes paralyzed like a rabbit caught in the headlights of speeding traffic and loses the power of speech when it’s his job to act in a scene might want to throw his career in the bin.

– But I knew: there was nothing more important in my life than acting. I had already fought so incredibly hard for it and entered the Stage School on the fourth attempt. So instead of being put down and become, say, the guy at the deli counter at Ica exposing himself to cognitive shock therapy, confronting their own fears in 180.

– I chose to use a monologue that was an hour and a half long. A piece that is actually written for two people and includes 16 roles: Howie the Rookie. I made it a dozen times, and on Stage School, and at the Gothenburg City Theatre. It was make it or break it.

He managed it. With a vengeance.

– I learned the whole text in three weeks and when I performed the work, I stumbled not in words only once. I challenged the fear of the absolute worst thing I could think of – won. Since then it has never come back.

He won the war against himself. The victory is an endorsement of his life.

– In 2009 I got my first job, to make Raskolnikov in Fyodor Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment in Backa Theatre in Gothenburg, an incredible challenge for a newly qualified actor to be on stage continuously for three hours and forty minutes, I felt not as a big challenge. An extreme travel, yes, but I had already done the monologue. I had already done the scariest and confronted my deepest fears.

Both the set as a whole and Joel Kinna’s portrayal of itself was awarded. In that way it is. Success on success. As a JW in fast cash, as Frank Wagner in six Johan Falk movies, as Stephen Holder of the TV series The Killing.

And there’s more. Career cannon is loaded with lead in a reinterpretation of the classic Robocop (recording starts 10 September) and in fast cash II (premieres August 17).

– Jens Lapidus has been very generous with allowing films to be its own universe. His second book, Never fucka up, is in fact an independent continuation of the first book where JW is not even included. Fast cash II does straight off a sequel to the first film and takes up the thread where it left off, says Joel Kinnaman.

It would be easy to lose their footing. But Joel is stable. Not because of the applause and cheering. Such things may quickly die out. A flop can be enough. But precisely because of how he has overcome his fears.

– I have done so on several critical occasions when I hit the self-confidence loss, solved it by challenging myself even harder. I’ve built my confidence through practical work that I can be proud of, that I can go back to and draw strength from.

So when he gets lots of praise, he may feel: I’m worth it!

– Yes, actually. And I can feel it for real. I put so much effort into what I do.

Joel Kinnaman is obviously a well man. Each question is answered in detail on a selected Stockholmian. Yes, more than Stockholmian, he’s from the South and it is heard.

– I grew up in Sofia. On the right side of the ditch.

At the national Swedish: I grew up east of Götgatan in Sofia church in Södermalm.

The detailed and thoughtful answers is really not just about himself and his career. When I ask if he could see Sweden clearer in light of that he now spends his time in the U.S. I am told a number that might have been held by an animated Olof Palme.

– I’ll pay half as much in taxes over there compared to when I work at home. I mess with my American friends about it and says: Taxes in the United States must be raised. So they say: Yes, but the sideboard 25 percent of your income to charity then. But it works not so, they must be forced to do so. It stings. I would be pissed as hell when I paid, but I know what I get back: a better society.

It’s called security and social welfare. Solidarity.

– It really is the best thing about Sweden. People have not the feeling for each other over there. I mean, there are people in the U.S. who come from poor backgrounds and have become rich, yes, but there are exceptional people. When others fail to allow it: Pull up! But that does not change a society of isolated individuals succeed. A society can only be changed through reforms at the macro level. It’s that simple. Social Classes in the U.S. is cemented, there is very little movement between them. It’s so gloomy. Just take a thing like that schools are financed through property taxes. In poor areas there are no real estate to take off …

Here at home he wants to see the Reinfeldt government to fall and be happy already yesterday.

– I am a Social Democrat. But I like the Left Party, Jonas Sjöstedt, too. Unlike Lars Ohly. It took him four years to say: I am not a communist. Troubled stupid. He just wanted to flirt with some elements in his party. Then you are more interested in a position of power than to change society. There, I lost all respect for him.

It is required that you talk about the private for Joel Kinnaman to be reticent. While he seems to like to talk about it. There’s something about the smile. At the beginning of the interview he said: “I live nowhere in the U.S..” I’m not really up there and take up the thread again.

– But you must live somewhere?

– I live with a close friend in LA.

– A woman?
There came the smile.

Read the rest of the interview with Joel Kinnaman in the new issue of Ladies’ World.

Source: Ladies World, translation with Google translator

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