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April 10,2015
Melanie Jo   /   0 Comments   •   Child 44 Headlines & Rumors Projects

TV3.IE – Joel Kinnaman has insisted he is never concerned about whether making huge films will impact his personal life.

Joel Kinnaman reveals he learned “a lot of life lessons” while shooting Child 44.

The 35-year-old Swedish-American actor recently wrapped filming on the dramatic thriller, which focuses on political corruption in the former Soviet Union.

And Joel is blown away by how educational starring in the picture proved to be.

“It’s one of those roles — there’s a lot of life lessons I’m learning in the process,” he told USA Today. “It’s so much fun.”

Child 44 centres on disgraced member of the Soviet military police Leo Demidov, portrayed by Tom Hardy, who begins investigating a string of child murders in the 1950s. But when evidence mounts against some of the highest government officials, Leo finds himself the target of a lethal conspiracy.

Joel portrays villain Wasilij in Child 44, a film produced by Ridley Scott and directed by Safe House helmer Daniel Espinosa.

And although the estimated budget to create the thriller was a whopping $50 million, Joel isn’t concerned about how being involved with high-profile studio projects like this will impact his personal life.

“I never think about things like that,” Joel said when asked about whether he’s worried his life will change if Child 44 is a huge hit. “That’s the kind of question you get before you do a big movie? That’s not how it works. You create your own world. A lot of people trick themselves walking around with that kind of expectation. I don’t expect anything to change. I’ll adapt to make it as normal as possible.”

Child 44, which is based on the eponymous 2008 novel by Tom Rob Smith, will be released to American theatres on April 17.

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