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June 07,2016
Melanie Jo   /   0 Comments   •   Headlines & Rumors Projects Suicide Squad

COMICBOOKMOVIE.COMThe focus on David Ayer’s Suicide Squad has mainly been on the villains of the film, but what about the guy who has to deal with them personally? Find out what it’s like to be Rick Flag in this latest interview…

In order to lead a team of some of the world’s deadliest villains, you’ve got to be tough and maybe a little crazy. As Rick Flag, leader of Task Force X, Joel Kinnaman realizes that when dealing with psychopaths, he has to be ready for all kinds of surprises. During an interview with Total Film Magazine, Kinnaman spoke about the endeavors and surprises Colonel Rick Flag has to face when dealing with the Suicide Squad. “He wants to solve this with his team of operators that he can trust, but now he has these psychopaths that do no follow orders. Over the course of the movie he sees how effective they are and also that they have a moral foundation that they stand on.”

Even if the villains have a moral foundation, he certainly can’t turn his back on them for a moment. So what does he do? He brings along a Katana. Rick Flag isn’t alone when dealing with the Suicide Squad as Tatsu Yamashiro aka Katana, played by Karen Fukukara, is his partner/bodyguard on this mission to deal with who knows what. “She’s got my back,” says Kinnaman about his mysterious partner. “We have a history but it doesn’t really get explained.” Fukuhara went on to add that even though Katana is there to protect Flag, she finds herself feeling at home. “Her journey is trying to find people she can trust. She starts off a lone wolf, but by the end of the movie she’s really become part of a family.”

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