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August 23,2012
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Actor and Café Cover Face Joel Kinnaman fronts H & M’s fall campaign. In the pictures, it is clear that the fall of the year is dressed entirely, very finely cut gowns and costumes that look luxurious out. And a soft velourig shirt! I asked Cafés fashion director Daniel Lindstrom on cooperation.

Kinnaman is a smart choice of clothing chain?
– Brilliant choice and fingertip sensitive to H & M since Joel Café on our current cover with a super interview by Jan Gradvall.

The images are somewhat different from the way Joel is dressed in private. On the Way Out West, he appeared in a rolled up black cap askew. What do you think about his personal style?
– Stylish. We chose Joel Sweden’s Best Dressed Man two years ago. He carries the epithet. I met him also on the right Way Out West last weekend, where he, along with Henry Schyffert, was clearly the hottest of all the guys at the festival.

And what can you say about H & M’s autumn?
– Andreas Löwenstam, designer at H & M Man, does a brilliant job of making it both more modern and affordable. Quality are getting better and better every season. This fall there are many dressy outerwear that are interesting.

Source: Cafe

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