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March 20,2012
Melanie Jo   /   0 Comments   •   Headlines & Rumors

Nöjesbladet helps Gwyneth Paltrow identify TV love: Is he Swedish?

Coldplay singer Chris Martin better watch out.

Now Gwyneth Paltrow reveals her secret – Swedish – love.

– I’m in love with Joel Kinnaman, she says to Aftonbladet.

“Who do I have to sleep with to get a hold of Coldplay’s new album? ”

It asked the actress to Twitter last summer. A sneer to her husband, the band’s frontman Chris Martin .

Entertainment blade hits Gwyneth Paltrow , 39, in Paris, where she photographed for Lindex spring collection.

She buttons his strassblingade phone.

– I love Twitter, it’s so fun to communicate directly with people, I think it’s a great tool. Sometimes it’s nice not to go through a journalist that change the words or put things in a different context. I do not tweet very often, but sometimes every now and then about random things, odds and ends of life.

“Possessed” by Joel
On Twitter the star has not only mocked her husband – she also admits that she is “obsessed” by Joel Kinnaman after seeing him as Detective Stephen Holder in “The Kid”.

– Is he Swedish? God, I love him! I’m in love with him! Is he really Swedish? How can he talk so cruel U.S.? I did not know he was from Sweden! Cool! You are fortunate!

Gwyneth Paltrow also says that she has common friends with Who Stole .

– She really is “up and coming” right now, an interesting girl and a really good actress. I gotta see her new movie, I have not had time to do it yet.

Will soon begin filming the third “Iron Man” movie where Paltrow takes the role of Pepper Potts.

Then a playground visits and romantic dinners removed from the schedule for some time to come.

– It’s my turn to work now that Chris will be at home with the kids. I have handled the home while he was on tour. We solve it so that we are working about a year at a time, then we swap.

“Repeat the mantra”
When life in Los Angeles becomes too stressful Paltrow solve it with meditation.

– I repeat a mantra to myself over and over. I often do it 10-15 minutes each day. Unfortunately I do not always have time to get it but if it goes, I would do it morning and night.

And it may be necessary. Besides acting, she does modeling and releases his own cookbook.

Last year it was Reese Witherspoon who fronted Lindex’s autumn collection. Now shoulders Paltrow her role as the Swedish clothing giant Lindex face.

– I agreed to do this because I really like clothes. This is my style, like that I would go with on a daily basis. I did not even know that Reese made the campaign before me, but it’s very flattering, she is an awesome girl. [xx]

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