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August 08,2013
Melanie Jo   /   2 Comments   •   Headlines & Rumors The Killing

Before we even get into this article about the past and future of “The Killing,” we may as well start off by acknowledging the giant elephant in the room: The show has not been renewed for a fourth season, and despite a pretty sensational summer when it comes to quality, the ratings were fairly miniscule compared to AMC’s other scripted programs. It’s still in the air as to whether or not there will be more of a story to tell.

However, at the tail end of the video below, series boss Veena Sud makes it very clear that there is still an important story that could come next following the shooting of Skinner by Sarah Linden, one where her relationship with Holder, and even her position as a cop could be in danger. It was clearly the right thing for her to do in that moment, but that does not mean even remotely that it was the right thing to do for the rest of her life.

Specifically, Joel Kinnaman also adds that both Linden and Holder probably know in that moment that she is probably not going to be able to get away with doing this, regardless of whatever they may try to pull to implicate Skinner as an attacker. “The Killing” is a series that is in many ways about actions and consequences, and some of them (see Seward’s execution) do not even necessarily have to fit the crime. With Linden, she killed a man who was not an immediate threat to take her life, and the man was also a cop. Even though he was a killer himself, this is not “Dexter.” This move will not go quietly into the night if a season 4 happens.

We will hopefully find out about the future of “The Killing” a little later this year, and we wonder how much of a role the performance of “Hell on Wheels” and “Low Winter Sun” will play into that.

– source: cartermatt.com

2 Responses to “AMC’s ‘The Killing’ season 4 spoilers: Joel Kinnaman, series boss on what could come next”
  1. Kathy Barnett Says:

    I am so disappointed in the cancelation of The Killing….We had alot of people at work watching the show and loved it,,,,so I hope you again put the show back on

  2. David Says:

    The Killing is the best show on TV. I hope that someone picks it up to give us a season 4.

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