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August 04,2013
Melanie Jo   /   0 Comments   •   Headlines & Rumors The Killing

Following the first season finale of AMC’s “The Killing,” Hollywood and the vast TV public ripped into showrunner Veena Sud. Yet a few years and a separate solidly crafted mystery later Sud has seemingly redeemed herself in the eyes of the viewers. However after tonight’s finale, which producers have emphatically said will reveal the man or woman behind the title murders, a bigger question looms in if the show’s done enough to earn a fourth go round.

The journey that “The Killing” has found itself on is actually fairly fascinating in its own right. A critical darling when it debuted, the show quickly became a punching bag when its fake out first finale became even more hated the final episodes of “The Sopranos” and “Seinfeld” put together. Still everyone agreed the high caliber acting of the show’s leads Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman was something special that other series were sorely lacking.

As a result AMC worked hard to find a new partner to help with financing production which led to Netflix joining the equation. The new deal set the stage for the show to be resurrected and just like that all the mudslinging began anew. Although a funny thing happened as eventually the criticism died down and the ratings did not. Season 3 of the series held onto just about all the same viewers season 2 had retrained despite all the off-screen drama.

Recently a number of critics have also called the show “TV’s most improved series. Again, a lot of that credit goes to Sud and her cast, most notably Enos, Kinnaman and newcomer Peter Sarsgaard (who should be automatically penciled in for next year’s Emmy nominations). The story which centered on a psychopath stalking Seattle’s street kids resonated with audiences and was brilliantly brought to life by a cast comprised of young actors who until now were mostly unknowns. Yes, vets like Hugh Dillon and Elias Koteas were sprinkled in to add more credibility, but it was a true ensemble.

Last week’s penultimate episode “Six Minutes” which wrapped up Sarsgaard’s arc may very well have been one of the best episodes to air in 2013. Yes, the year still has a few more months (and the final episodes of sibling series “Breaking Bad” to go), but it very much made its mark.

So now the question becomes will AMC renew the show for season 4? Anything’s possible, but the odds are better now than they were when the season started and with the upward trajectory of Enos and Kinnaman, it can’t hurt to get at least one more edition of the show before they make the jump to the big screen full time.

The two-hour finale of “The Killing” airs tonight on AMC.

– source: examiner.com

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