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March 02,2012
Melanie Jo   /   0 Comments   •   Headlines & Rumors The Killing

Last year, AMC’s The Killing launched one of the most talked-about and fumed-over mysteries TV has seen in awhile, one which could be summed up in a question: “Who killed Rosie Larsen?” The new season of the acclaimed drama, premiering April 1, promises to reveal who murdered the artsy-dreamy-troubled Seattle teen, whose body was found stuffed in the trunk of a drowned car – plus quite a bit more. That’s the implicit message in the cable network’s new ad campaign for the show.

“When we thought about the second season, we wanted something moody and beautiful and vaguely unsettling,” says Linda Schupack, AMC’s head of marketing. “This is a cop drama unlike other cop dramas, so our approach to the key art was to be as distinctive as the show itself.” The second season will again showcase Detective Sarah Linden (Mireille Enos, who earned an Emmy nomination for her performance last season), whose emotionally-charged quest to get justice for Rosie is aided (and possibly being subverted) by her partner, Detective Stephen Holder (Joel Kinnaman). But the ad suggests there’s still more to learn about Rosie’s grieving parents (Emmy nominee Michelle Forbes as the mother; Brent Sexton as the father) and Seattle city councilman/mayoral candidate Darren Richmond (Billy Campbell), who in the season 1 cliffhanger was arrested (perhaps wrongly) for the titular crime. “All of these characters have secrets,” says Schupack. “The tagline ‘Be careful what you uncover’ speaks to the discovery of those secrets and what unravels from their exposure.”

Some viewers were unhappy that The Killing didn’t wrap up the Rosie Larsen murder mystery during its rookie campaign. For those who want to know the exact timetable for resolution – BEGIN SPOILER ALERT! — exec producer Veena Sud confirms to EW that an answer will come at the end of season 2. END SPOILER ALERT!

The ad also tells us something else about the show’s sophomore year: It’s still raining in Seattle. “That,” Schupack says, “we can’t do anything about.” [xx]

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