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I have added a brand new shoot of Joel from Vanity Fair Italy to the gallery. I havent been able to find the scans but as soon as I come across them they will be added. In the meantime, check out the shoot.

Published by Melanie Jo Published on February 14, 2014

I have added 2 new photoshoots to the gallery of Joel. The first one is from cosmo and the second is the shoot from his August Man magazine appearance. So check them out.

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Just in time for the opening of ‘RoboCop‘, we have 3 new photoshoots to start us off in the new year. He looks amazing in all these so be sure to check them out. Special thanks to Kayla for some of them.

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The poster for RoboCop has officially been released and I have added it to the gallery. I also added a HQ photoshoot photo of Joel from his appearance in Vanity Fair.

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During the Comic-Con event, Joel took part in the portrait shoot by Michael Muller thanks to EW. So check it out in the gallery.

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Thanks to Aline for the gorgeous new photos!

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Joel Kinnaman was 10 years old the day he soured on fame. He was the goalkeeper on his youth soccer team in Sweden and had just allowed the opposing team to score. “I was so pissed at myself,” he recalls. The whole stadium started chanting a name, but it was not his—not exactly. It was his television alter ego’s. Kinnaman spent the previous year acting on a Swedish soap, and in a country with only two television channels, he’d become something of a star. “I was so embarrassed,” he says. “And I felt, this is wrong.”

After that, Kinnaman took a long break from acting. He spent his twenties working jobs in construction, insurance, a bar in the French Alps and a factory in Norway. He’d work double night shifts for months in order to take off and travel for four or five months at a time—alone. As one of six children—and the only boy—Kinnaman says he’d always had trouble being by himself and saw that “as a weakness” (though he admits he’d occasionally give in and “find a girl” to travel with). “For a long time, I had a life aside from acting,” he says. “I lived my life. I had my heart broken and loved again before any of this happened.” (His new love is actress Olivia Munn, by the way.)

But traveling the world is a younger man’s sport, and in 2005 Kinnaman returned to Sweden to study acting at the Swedish Academic School of Drama. Following a number of high-profile roles back home, Kinnaman, now 32, has become a fan favorite in the States for his portrayal of badass cop Stephen Holder on AMC’s The Killing, and for small but memorable parts in thrillers The Darkest Hour and Safe House.

Next he re-creates an iconic ’80s cyborg in the highly anticipated remake of RoboCop, alongside Gary Oldman and Samuel L. Jackson. To keep himself grounded, so to speak, with the Hollywood of it all, he’s taken up the local pastime: surfing. “When I catch that wave, I feel like, I’m doing it!” he says. “Nothing is more powerful than the ocean.” Not even fame.

Source: DuJour Magazine

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In the new issue of the cafe talking Joel Kinnaman out of school in the U.S., successful role in the TV series The Killing , life after breakthrough and work on his next two films, Robocop and fast cash 2 .

When Café writer Jan Gradvall hits Joel Kinnaman in Stockholm, it is still a few months left until the recording of Robocop to start. But for the protagonist, the work of the great movie going on since a long time – not least by becoming super-fit with the Navy SEALs.

– We train a few hours a day, says Kinnaman. First preparation training. Then tactical training. Before Rococop becomes Robocop, he was a skilled police. Therefore, I have been training police operations like those conducted by the SWAT team.

Joel Kinnaman declares that the new film will premiere in 2013, will not be another kalkonremake which is worse than the original.

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Actor and Café Cover Face Joel Kinnaman fronts H & M’s fall campaign. In the pictures, it is clear that the fall of the year is dressed entirely, very finely cut gowns and costumes that look luxurious out. And a soft velourig shirt! I asked Cafés fashion director Daniel Lindstrom on cooperation.

Kinnaman is a smart choice of clothing chain?
– Brilliant choice and fingertip sensitive to H & M since Joel Café on our current cover with a super interview by Jan Gradvall.

The images are somewhat different from the way Joel is dressed in private. On the Way Out West, he appeared in a rolled up black cap askew. What do you think about his personal style?
– Stylish. We chose Joel Sweden’s Best Dressed Man two years ago. He carries the epithet. I met him also on the right Way Out West last weekend, where he, along with Henry Schyffert, was clearly the hottest of all the guys at the festival.

And what can you say about H & M’s autumn?
– Andreas Löwenstam, designer at H & M Man, does a brilliant job of making it both more modern and affordable. Quality are getting better and better every season. This fall there are many dressy outerwear that are interesting.

Source: Cafe

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